Mascot, Cheerleaders & Dance Team


The mission of the ByourF Dance Team, Cheerleaders & Mascot is to promote school spirit through cheering, motions, tumbling skills, stunts, dance, and interactive crowd participation. Team members represent the ByourF student-atheles and alumni at athletic events, functions and public appearances.


Team members have the opportunity to travel for away and post season basketball games. Members of the ByourF Cheerleading and Mascot program receive ByourF uniforms and 11% discount in our shop. The Cheerleaders & Mascots have 17% discount use of ByourF Athletics facilities, including the student-athlete strength & conditioning facility, the athletics department academic center, student-athlete area, and the Sports Medicine  Center. The Cheerleading & Mascot program does not offer academic scholarships at this time.


No game day is complete unless ByourF mascot (BABY BLUE SHARK) have fired up the crowd or led one of their favorite cheers. But Baby Shark aren’t just visible at athletic events, though you will see cheering on the ByourF basketball games at just about every event and everything in between! «BABY BLU SHARK» can also be found making a difference in the community and representing the ByourF Program at hundreds of appearances around city (Lorca), the state (Región Murcia) or nationals and international events.


The ByourF cheerleading squad is a student-athelte organization that promotes ByourF pride and school spirit. The role of the cheerleaders is to entertain crowds at games with dance routines, stunts, and chants and support all of ByourF Athletics. The cheerleading squad performs at both men’s and women’s basketball home games as well as some away games. The cheer team also attends other ByourF community events as ByourF Dance Team.

Meet the squad

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Dance team practice schedule

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Interested in joining?

Email Coach Sergio with your name and birthday, and we will provide you with more information on future workshops.

Who are we?

The ByourF Dance Team is the official dance team of the ByourF athletic department. We serve as Ambassadors for ByourF Basketball Program and represent the program at athletic and community events around it.
Coming from various performance and athletic backgrounds, we have created a diverse group of dancers with varying strengths. The ByourF Dance Team can be found at every home men’s and women’s basketball game, as well as at numerous  events and showcases throughout the academic year. With each performance, we hope to spread the values of spirit, tradition, and culture throughout our program. 

Audition information

Auditions take place every year in the middle of September in Lorca, and typically consist of learning a hip-hop combo to perform in small groups. No experience necessary, just a passion for dancing! Come join us to see what we’re all about!


Team members also have the opportunity to participate in the Dance Team’s Annual Showcase during the ByourF Summer Camp. The showcase is meant to highlight all of the styles of dance and performance arts that are present on ByourF family, and all members are encouraged to not only dance in the show, but choreograph a piece as well! 

Performances + Appearances

ByourF Dance Team performs at all the home basketball games. If you’re interested in inviting the dance team to perform, please email Coach Sergio with event details, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.