Our programs

Full time - BYF Program

September to June, 3 or 4 daily workouts, competition in leagues, student-athlete support, academic menthor, future plan…
Combine for a school year the intensive training plan that helps you improve your skills, with your academic training. Breathe basketball 24 hours a day. Skills workouts before class, team practice, strenght & conditioning plan, shooting practice, sports medicine talks (recovery, nutrition, psychology…)

Youth pro player - BYF Program

Specific program for players looking to take their first steps in the professional world or take a leap in their career.
Exposure to clubs and coaches. Adaptation to new leagues Work on your skills, position changes, specific physical improvement, adapt to new game systems, make yourself known in professional leagues.

Tailored programs - BYF Program

Summer, Christmas, Easter, one month, three months. Pre-season, Post-season. Preparation for championships or club events. Choose the program that suits your age, situation, length of stay, goals. We will advise you and seek to make the appropriate program so that you can achieve your goals.
We make a custom plan to achieve your goals.

Basketball schools & Kindergarten sports - BYF Program

We have initiation schools for the little ones who want to take the first steps in this exciting sport. For this, we carry out trainings in schools and municipal pavilions, so that they have fun, make friends, acquire healthy habits and begin to love the orange ball.
Kindergarten Sports (Age 4 to 8) and Basketball Schools (Age 8 to 12) Initiation and improvement of the youngest players. Training in clubs and schools.

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