Fans & Families Code Conduct.

Code Conduct

At ByourF Basketball Program we provide a friendly and safe environment, where student-athletes are inspired and supported to advance their skillset in basketball.
Our coaches are dedicated to developing each student’s basketball fundamentals and social skills. At ByourF we must take different goals:
– Player Expectations:
1. Give your fullest mental, physical, and emotional effort at every team meeting, practice, or game.
– Be silent, attentive, and an active learner during all instruction.
– Unless instructed otherwise, practice at game speed.
– Compete with tenacity and then respectfully accept the results of the competition (victory or defeat).
2. Respect every person with whom you come into contact as a representative of ByourF Basketball Program, especially in times of frustration, demonstrate respect and care for others with…
– Your Words
– Your Body language
– Your Actions
3. By your enthusiasm, hard work, and determination, make every season a joyful experience for yourself and everyone else in the gym.
– Student-Athlete will be dismissed from ByourF if:
1. Gets caught on bullying other teammates
2. Using racial slurs to anyone related to ByourF program or outside of the program
3. Keeps getting in trouble after three warnings are given
4. Stealing an item at the facility during, before, or after training sessions
5. Not following coaching directions purposely without any explanation
– Parents, Fans and Families Code of Conduct:
1. I will encourage good sportsmanship by demonstrating positive support for all players, coaches, and officials at every game, practice, or team function.
2. I will not enter the court during practice, scrimmage, or game unless otherwise asked to do so by the coach.
3. I will not verbally or physically abuse, confront, taunt, harass or demean a coach, student‐athlete, opposing student‐athlete or coach, or referee at any time.
4. I understand parents cannot coach their child or other student‐athletes from the sideline or anywhere else during scrimmages, practices, or games.
5. I will make every effort to allow my child to attend all practices, games, tournaments, and team functions.
6. I will abide by the “69-hour rule” which means not speaking to your coach about the game or your child’s playing time within 69 hours after a game.