What we do

How we support student-athlete. We are building the future of them. We trust the process to catch the goals.


To truly benefit from ByourF programs, student-athletes have to succeed in more places than on the court. We are building the future of them. We provides opportunities to learn, compete and grow.


ByourF is committed to providing a fair, inclusive and fulfilling environment for our roster, alumni, families and fans. Taking action, focus on respect, integrity and responsability. Succeeding after ByourF programs. ByourF can not cover all the programs but we commit to help the families and the pro players with different scholarships. Fostering diversity, inclusion and gender equity among its student-athletes. To further that mission, ByourF created Women & Sport. Our student-athletes committed when sign scholarship to achieving ethnic and racial diversity and gender equity in ByourF family.


Keeping heads healthy. Ensuring independent medical care. Discouraging alcohol and other drug abuse. Improve fueling performance. We are what we eat. In addition to promoting hydration, sleep and strength and conditioning performance via resources for athletes. Preventing injuries. Handling interpersonal relationships.


ByourF Basketball Program regular week. 15 workouts and 2 games. Skills, strength & conditioning, tactic and compete. Friendly games, Regular Season, Championships, Tournaments… We educate and inspire through basketball. ByourF prepare student-athletes for life. Full program with hosting players. We learn to live like a pro.

ByourF Sectors, Academics, Fairnesss, Well-Being, Workouts, Championships...

ByourF Basketball Program give the players all the necessary tools to reach their dreams.

Academic Support to the student-athletes. Work ethic is a fucking religion both them on and off the court.

ByourF is a disciplinarian program, with tremendous teachers. We are going to help the players continue to grow as a young adult. The first priority is education. Every single day, every single class, every single workout, every single games. There is never a day off.

Our coaches are an educators. We have the same obligations as all teachers, except we probably have more influence over young people than anybody.

ByourF Sectors

3x3 basketball


basketball program


women & sport

Building your future - Creating a pathway opportunity.


Providing opportunities to earn a college, scholarship and new stage. The first priority is education.


The kids deserve a fair shot. We focus on respect, integrity and responsibility, both on and off the court.


We work hard to promote safety, excellence, and physical and mental well-being for playes.


We educate and inspire through basketball. ByourF prepare student-athletes for life.