We need to ignore skin color. Together we can make a difference.

The events of the last few days have been troubling on many levels. Simply stated, there is no place for racism in ByourF organitation.

I understand the anger and frustration that has erupted. What we are seeing and hearing loud and clear is a sentiment I share. Enough is enough… we must be better individually and collectively.

People in the world should learn from student-athletes and coaches who every day demonstrate respect and support for one another. Sports have always been a catalyst for bringing people of diverse backgrounds together to accomplish great things. Teams are at their greatest when every member feels respected, safe, and equal.

I am proud of our diverse student body at ByourF. They represent everything that is good in our society. And they deserve better than what has led us to this moment that will serve as a memorable one in our history.

To our student-athletes, know that our organitation, the basketball program coaching staff, and your teachers are 100% with you.

We are proud of you. We will walk this walk with you. There is no place for hate at ByourF. We as a basketball program, where we are building your future, are better because of you.

ByourF family, we are stronger together always. Each and every one of you matters…more than you know!

One basketball program. One team… today and always.

Coach SergioSC said. ByourF Basketball Program Head Coach, CEO and Director of Athletics.

“Together we Can Make A Difference”
#blackouttuesday #loveistheanswer

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