Pro players program

European Pre Season 2020 September 14th to October 18th

ByourF Basketball Program:
    • Hard work pays off 15 practices per week.
    • Individual program for player development
    • Emphasizes the importance of “living like a pro” in order to maximize results on and off the court.
    • We focus on providing each individual with the basketball, life and social skills necessary to excel, and the mental approach to be able to perform these attributes in every day life to achieve success.
    • ByourF (Building your future) Basketball Program will have meetings with the players to obtain the information required to break the game down during your time with us to its finest details and begin to “build players” who are able to set goals, visualize goals, and attain goals.
    • ByourF program offers a combination of expert basketball instructions and a lot of hours spent on the court. We do not accept average performance, and we always push players to give their best.
    • Workouts: Skills training, technical & tactical workouts, strength & condition program, team practices…
    • Team or shooting practice where players have a chance to experience how pro players are kicking off their day. Individual programs orientated to individual development where players can express the area of the game they would like to have more experience in. Player development coaches are running specialist programs per basketball position (Focus to divide players on inside and outside positions, groups so we can provide every athlete with maximum attention).
    • ByourF players gain the skills and experience necessary to expand their college recruitment and create additional options for their collegiate careers.
    • Our players played more than 30 games every season to provide ByourF the experience required for playing on a professional level. ByourF teams with CB TerrAlfas club will participate in official games which will involve both uniformed teams, referee, scoreboard, and all games will be recorded. Players will have the possibility to get videos from the games. The roster for every game will be decided by head coach and his assistants. In that pro players program (Five weeks program) we will play friendly games and we exposure to pro teams our players.
    • Fcous on both the physical and mental sides of the player. Improve with the best skills programs. Personal strength and conditioning program.
    • Consultant about your future.
    • We are what we eat. We help you in your nutrition.
  • Exposure to Pro teams in Europe.
  • Pro players, European pre season runs from 2020 September 14th to October 18th. Five weeks program.
PRICE: 3.500€

Prices Includes

  • Accommodation in shared room
  • 3 meals per day
  • Basketball tests & evaluation
  • Basketball workouts
  • Expert coaching instruction
  • Weights room and fitness workouts with pro coach
  • Career consulting
  • Friendly Games and filmed games. Highlights video
  • Usage of suitable facilities and equipment

Price does not include

  • Flight cost - Plane tickets from Origin / Alicante / Origin
  • FIBA Transfer. If you want to compete with ByourF teams
  • Private Insurance by the players
  • BUYOUT in former team
  • Spanish taxes (10%)