In memorium.

In memorium. COVID-19 & RACISM

No city, or country, can ever be fully prepared for large scale deaths. But in cities and countries affected by conflict, health systems including facilities that manage the dead, are already compromised. And spikes in the number of dead can lead to chaotic scenes with many bodies or bodies not handled in a respectful way.

But that’s not inevitable. Plans can be made and carried out to help limit the pain that families and broader community feel in the face of a high death toll.

No infectious disease in a century has exacted as swift and merciless a toll on the world as COVID-19. With no vaccine and no cure, the pandemic has killed people in every country. The necessary isolation it imposes has robbed the bereaved of proper goodbyes and the comfort of mourning rituals. Those remembered in this continually updating series represent but some of the tens of thousands who have died. Some were well-known, and many were unsung. All added their stories, from all walks of life, to the diversity of the ByourF family.

At the same time we can not permit racism victims. We need to ignore skin color. Together we can make a difference.

Just now, we need to stay home, safe and healthy, be ready for the next stage. And about racism we need to stop, let’s fight racism!!! ByourF family is praying for you, your family and friends.

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