Different ages, cultures and nationalities.

Last 2 seasons we worked with different nationalities, races and genders. ByourF Basketball Program worked with players of 17 nationalities.

Coach Sergio said that is a great opportunity to ByourF student-athletes can life that experience and they knows different cultures. Asked how his methodologies and principles have been received, Coach Sergio paused and gave a very considered answer.

“I will start by saying, again I speak honestly with student-athletes, it’s been a process” 

“I will not decline this – we are in the process, and there are differences.”

But Coach Sergio is well-aware that dealing with such differences come with the territory of being an elite-level coach. Their job is to bring players of different ages, cultures and nationalities together and get them to play a certain way. This is where Coach Sergio’s experienced some push-back.

“People don’t accept something that I do, or I don’t accept something other people do, and then we have to – and this is the process – correct it and find a way.” Coach Sergio said.

A chaotic preseason has made that process more difficult. While ByourF student-athletes have largely all been together since early September, the ByourF players have had to deal with some players that arrive during october and others that they arrive on Christmas break.

Coach Sergio is not using any of that as an excuse, but it does make it more difficult.

TRUST THE PROCESS“. Coach Sergio said.

At training, Coach Sergio is vocal, asking players to lift their intensity even in the simplest of drills. He wants that assistants pushs the players, it looks like a coach who demands the highest of standards from his players and staff.

“For me, personally, it has been a challenging process when we works with different nationalities, ages and cultures”. Coach Sergio said.

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