Dear Basketball, we miss you.

Dear Basketball, we miss you! We miss that…

Seeing as the coronavirus pandemic has paralyzed basketball worldwide, ByourF staff talks every day with our players. We miss workouts, we miss the court, we miss the locker room… Of course! But together we win the COVID-19.

This COVID-19 has really affected basketball tremendously. Not just for ByourF student-athletes but for the whole world. It is devastating for the seniors of high schools and colleges. What will they do? It is just really unfortunate that the excitement around sports has completely stopped.

Coach Sergio noted that social distancing and staying at home has had no effect on him.

“Of course I miss being outside, hanging out with friends but I am also a home-buddy which means I do not mind staying inside and working on my other crafts. I do not mind relaxing in the house and finding other things to do.” Coach Sergio said.

“Please everyone stay healthy, stay safe and please stay inside. This is our new normal. It is important for us to follow the rules and protect each other from any unnecessary harm.” Coach Sergio said.


“As soon as possible we will see that” Coach Sergio said.

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For more information you can contact Coach Sergio:  +34 609389953.

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