Coach Sergio wants to resume the ByourF Basketball Program only if players are 100% healthy and safe.

Coach Sergio talked about the criteria under which the ByourF Basketball Program is planning to resume and finish the season workouts and also summer camps.

The CEO and Head Coach of the ByourF made it clear that workouts will be did only if student-athletes are 100% healthy and safe.

If you look at the situation then that is a fair analysis. Right now, the conditions are not sufficient to resume the current season and this is the main reason why we have clarified that workouts will be did only when the right health and safety conditions are in place and when the governments and public health authorities allow.

What is 100% clear is that all ByourF families supported coaching staff decitions about differents scenarios to comeback to the basketball courts and weights room.

It is important that we all stick to that decision, be patient, but we have the obligation to get everything ready to comeback to the workouts as soon as posible.

The ByourF coaching staff will make a decision on the resumption of the workouts by May 24th.

If the ByourF workouts indeed resumes before ends the season, then preparation (quarantine, training sessions) will start from late May and will end in July 2th.

ByourF staff are waiting news because we don’t know what will happen with Liga EBA and FBCV U18 competition. Coach Sergio suggested the season should be canceled.

If we can not start workouts, ByourF are working to individual summer workouts (player development), yet, 

“Only I agree if players are 100% healthy and safe” Coach Sergio said.

For more information and registration you can contact us 

+34 609389953.

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