ByourF to make final decision on workouts & summer camps resumption on June 2.

On Tuesday, June 2, ByourF staff will decide whether to do news workouts and summer camps or not.

If the staff decides to resume workouts, then practices will be in June and summer camps in July.

If everything goes according to plan will start on June 7. Alfas del Pí and Lorca the cities to host the workouts and summer camps,

Pau Gasol gym, in Alfas del Pí, will be ready on June and the local authorities of Lorca has already released a statement, stating they can guarantee the entry of all participants of the ByourF Basketball Program.

Coach Sergio talked about the criteria under which ByourF staff is planning to resume workouts and summer camps. The Founder, CEO and Head Coach of the basketball program made it clear that activities and events will be did only if players are 100% healthy and safe. If not the basketball program should be canceled.

  • March 12th - Training suspended until further notice
  • March 16th - Players stay at home due the state of emergency
  • May 01th - We want to resume workouts. "I agree if players are 100% healthy and safe" Coach Sergio said.
  • May 22th - Official - FEB & FBCV cancelled EBA league and youth leagues.
  • June 02th - ByourF staff will make final decision on events resumption.

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+34 609389953.

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