ByourF postseason workouts and summer camps canceled.

ByourF’s postseason workouts and summer camps canceled.

Following the decision taken on last weeks to canceled FEB & FBCV leagues, coaching staff of ByourF have maintained willingness and continuos efforts to resume postseason workouts and summer camps.

Having explored every possible option, coaching staff has made the decision to cancel the postseason workouts, as well as summer camps due to the following considerations:

  • The health and safety of our student-athletes, coaching staff and partners.
  • The varied evolution of COVID-19 in different countries does not guarantee that all student-athletes can hold their individual training.
  • The above has resulted in local authorities imposing differing restrictions on the movements of their citizens, with no guarantees that all student-athletes can travel to ByourF facilities.
  • For reasons of sporting integrity, our competition cancelled, so as a team we don’t need that hosting players come back until the COVID19 pandemia permit us with 100% of guaranteed.

“In the coming months we only have one mission: to do everything in our power to help our communities come back stronger, and to build the best version of ourselves – on and off the court – for when we can be reunited with ByourF family. This is not an end, but rather a new beginning.” Coach Sergio said.

For more information you can contact    +34 609389953.

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