20/21 Full program cancelled.

There will be no 20/21 FULL PROGRAM for the ByourF Basketball Program this year, according to the news by Coach Sergio. The mandate comes as every aspect of sporting world has been affected by coronavirus. We work a lot during July and we find new location but we have a lot of doubts about it.

Why? Because we are not sure that our student-athletes will be safe and healthy with the full program.

Every year FULL PROGRAM start in September and season is set to begin in October.

“The season in 20/21 will not look like other years” Coach Sergio said.

“Players and coaches will be tested for the virus regularly. But preseason games have been canceled” Coach Sergio said.

Lot of doubts about safe and healthy with hosting players. No news about Spanish competitions. And every day new news about Coronavirus outbreaks pushes, for that reason ByourF Coaching staff decide to cancel 20/21 FULL PROGRAM.

“In a year that has been extraordinarily difficult for our country and the world, we hope the energy of this moment will provide some much-needed optimism. Focus on 2021 September to restart FULL PROGRAM, Stronger ByourF Basketball Program” Coach Sergio said.

Along with a canceled season, roster players, alumni and team staff will have to follow rigorous health and safety protocols. ByourF coaching staff will follow all the players (roster, alumni and recruits). We are working for our student-athletes.

Sports have resumed in other parts of the world where coronavirus has been more successfully contained but just now pro sports. So we hope that during 20/21 season ByourF can bring our student-athletes differents programs. Like ACB, NBA or WNBA bubble, maybe since 2021 January different workouts weeks or small programs to pro players.

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  1. Cheikh

    I know you very soon for a year like this but what I see you are a good coach and nicer more good what I have seen in my life and he always pages with me and his basketball games I am always in the stands watching the game but the boys treat each other very well and the boys believe Sergio and he well with the boys, that’s a good attitude so I like it if someone wants to improve their basketball, you have to train with Sergio

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