13 ways to build culture and 12 keys to a winning program.


Successful programs have created a palpable culture, sound habits and high standards:

1.- Program > Team > Player.

2.- Players and coaches talk to each other, not at each other. Big difference.

3.- No one is perfect. Mistakes will happen on and off the court. Learn from them.

4.- Every player and every coach is important to the team and plays a role. Respect that.

5.- Focus on effort and attitude. Those are the only 2 things we have complete control over.

6.- You either accept it or you correct it. There is nothing in between.

7.- Repetition is not viewed as punishment. Repetition is necessary to development.

8.- Confront issues, not people.

9.- Goals match behaviors and habits.

10.- Be on time. It is a sign of respect.

11.- Discipline = Love.

12.- If you aren’t prepared to put the team first… don’t play.

13.- Believe or leave…

Being a part of program is not a part time endeavor. It’s something you get to pick and choose. You belong to and represent your program 24-7-365. Act accordingly. Coach Sergio said.



Please note, when I say winning program – I not referring to W’s & L’s exclusively.

I am referring to a winning culture, developing winning habits and setting winning standards.

Winning is all about commitment.

Every player and every coach must be committed to…

1.- Academic work. Aim for success in everything you do, not just the stuff you want to do.

2.- Behavior. Carry yourself in a first class manner at all times. Be respectful.

3.- Character. Doing the right thing all of the time (not just when someone is watching you).

4.- The program. No player is bigger than the team and no team is bigger than the program.

5.- Working hard. There is never an excuse to let someone outwork you. Never.

6.- Working smart. Work out with efficiency & purpose. Learn how to play the right way.

7.- Working consistently. Anyone can be good for a day. Work hard/smart every.

8.- Unselfishness. Be a servant leader. Put other’s needs first.

9.- A winning attitude. Earn confidence through effort and demonstrated performance.

10.- The team. Commit to your team’s philosophy and system of play.

11.- Your role. Know it. Embrace it. Take pride it. Fulfill it to the best of your ability.

12.- Your teammates and coaches. They are your brothers. You are a family.


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